Mastermind Club

Quiz 2022 - 13

General Knowledge

Set by Maya Davis


1/ Who resigned as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in April 2022? 

Cressida Dick

2/ Where would you find an epicanthic (or epicanthal) fold? 

In the upper eyelid 

3/  And what is a Scottish fold?

A Breed of Domestic Cat

4/ Which piece of popular music could describe the inhabitants of Newby Hall dining al fresco with Alan Measles? 

The Teddy Bears’ picnic

5/  What was accomplished in early May 1954 in Oxford with the help of two Christophers? 

Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile barrier with Christopher Chataway and Chris Brasher acting as pacemakers.

6/  How many chemical elements are named after the same Scandinavian village? 

4 – Yttrium, Ytterbium, Terbium and Erbium – all named after the village of Ytterby in Sweden

7/  What is the profession of fictional ailurophile Pat Clifton? 

Postman (Pat)

8/ Where might you find all of the following: bottom half of a hexagon containing two humps; isosceles triangle on flat edge; circle inside a square, all crossed out; circle crossed out. 

On garment care labels on clothing and household textiles

9/  What did the ancient Egyptians store in canopic jars? 

Internal organs of mummies

10/  The suffix ‘gate’, used in street names in the UK, has different meanings between towns in the north of England and those in the South. What’s the difference? 

(North = ‘street’ or ‘road’ from the Old Norse ‘gata’; in the South, it indicates a gate in a town wall.)

11/  Which former NASA Administrator left for a distant destination in December 2021?

James Webb – telescope named after him

12/  In the monotremes (= platypus and all species of echidna) females lack a uterus and vagina, but both sexes also lack teeth and what other major organ system usually found in mammals?)

Stomach and digestive system

13/  Where is the Lut Desert? 


14/  Which fictional character is a prominent member of the Junior Ganymede Club?


15/  In April 2022, what became the new price of a First class stamp for a normal letter? 


16/ Fish and Shellfish of the Middle Atlantic coast, The Sea Around Us and The Edge of the Sea are early works by which environmental campaigner who died in 1964? 

Rachel Carson, author of ‘Silent Spring’

17/  What is the connection between the following words: Tent; beagle; ridge; trait. 

Adding the prefix ‘por’ creates another noun – portent, porbeagle [a species of small shark], porridge; portrait.

18/  What was the real name of the vet and writer James Herriott? 

Alf Wight

19/   In what way will steam trains disappear from UK roads in 2022 and 2023? 

Change in the warning sign for a level crossing with no barrier – steam train to be replaced with depiction of a modern train and a gate by the side of the track

20/  Which fictional police officer has a colleague called Glen[n] Branson? 

Roy Grace, created by Peter James

21/  Italian restaurateur Ado Campeol died during 2021. What dessert item did the Italian media regard as having been invented in his restaurant in 1969


22/  Definitions of what word can include a skin blemish, a large breakwater and a scientific unit?


23/  What is the subject of the traditional Midlands ballad Wedgebury Cocking

Cock-fighting in Wednesbury in Staffordshire

24/  How is a Handler linked to something reminiscent of a citrus fruit? 

Daniel Handler writes YA fiction under the name Lemony Snicket

25/  Which Shakespeare play contains the largest number of characters who appear as a ghost?

Richard III