Mastermind Club

Quiz 2023

No 10

Norse Mythology

Set by John Grasham


1/ The author of the Prose Edda, Snorri Sturluson was a 12th and 13th century chieftain from which country?


2/ The world’s tree Yggdrasil, was what type of tree?


3/ When asked his name by the three chieftains of the Æsir, what name does King Gylfi give himself?              


4/ The three chieftains of the Æsir were called High, Just-as-High and what ther name?        


5/ The blind god Hod kills Baldr by shooting him with which plant?  


6/  Loki kills Hreidmar’s son with a stone. What is his son’s name, which is also the form of the man when he dies?                


7 / When Thor travels to Utgarda-Loki’s fortress, he loses a wrestling match with which of Utgarda-Loki’s servants?               

Nurse/ Nursemaid

8/ Loki has three children with the giantess Angrboda, they are Fenrir the wolf, Hel and Jormundgand who is also known by what name?  

The Midgard Serpent

9 /When the Æsir betray Fenrir, he bites of which part of Tyr, which was placed in the wolf’s mouth as security?               


10/  Odin gives up one of his eyes for a drink out of which well?            


11/ From the tale of the legendary king Hrolf Kraki, it takes little to please whom?     


12/ Destined to have no female descendants from 300 years, Halfdan the Old and Alvig the Wise have how many sons?   


13/ What was the name of Thor’s wife, who Loki cut off all of her hair?           


14/  Idunn, the wife of Bragi, kept which fruit which enabled the gods to stay young? 


15/  Thor has three prized possessions. These are the hammer Mjollnir, the gloves of iron in which to hold it and Megingjard which is what type of apparel?           

A Belt

16/  Ratatosk is what type of animal, it is known for telling slanderous gossip?               

A Squirrel

17 / Bifrost, the bridge between the earth and the sky takes what form?           

A rainbow

18/  Thor has two bondservants. One is called Thjalfi. What is the name of Thjalfi’s sister who is the other bondservant?    


19/  What was the name of the giant who became so drunk at Valhalla that the god’s grew tired of his boasting?                


20/ After Ragnarok, what will be the name of the place where Valhalla previously stood?         


21/ What name is given to the three extreme winters that will take place before Ragnarok?    


22/ According to the Lay of Grimnir, how many doors are there at Valhalla?   


23/ All the frost giants were descended from which giant? He was killed by the son’s of Bor and the world was created from his body.   


24/  What name is given to the women who are sent by Odin to every battle and decide who will live or die?               


25/ Who rode to Hel to try to find Baldr and bring him back to Valhalla?         

Hermod the Bold

26/ Lif and Leifthrasir are the only two humans who will survive Ragnarok. In which wood did they hide to survive the battle?          


27/ Muspell or Muspellheim is referred to as a place of intense heat to the south. What name is given to an empty place filled with ice in the north?             


28/ King Adils gold ring Sviagris is also known as the Swede’s what?   


29/ When the Æsir hunt down Loki for causing the death of Baldr, he hides under the guise of which creature?                

A Salmon

30/ In the night, Thor mistakes which of Skrymir’s possessions for very large hall?        

A glove