The Club Magazine


Soon after the formation of the club, it was suggested that there should be a club newsletter, which was to be called PASS and be distributed to all members.

Martin Leadbetter, a 1977 contender, who without any money to finance the project or secretarial back-up, undertook the task of producing the first edition. The first issue of PASS came out in April 1979 and comprised of ten duplicated pages, stapled together.

Originally intended to be bi-monthly, over the years has evolved into a quarterly publication. Martin relinquished the editorship in 1981.

The task of editing and producing the Club magazine, was taken up by Sheila Ramsden a nurse at Sheffield’s Lodge Moor hospital. Sheila had been a contender in 1977. During the next seven years, Sheila, who had no experience of editing, helped to keep the Club together, with the lifeline of PASS.

In the spring of 1988, Sheila decided that seven arduous years of editing PASS was enough and she tendered her resignation.

Margery Elliott again came to the Club’s rescue, taking on the task on a short term basis, that lasted five years.

Margery was succeeded in November 1993 by Patricia Cowley, who had been a production editor for Mills & Boon. Her first issue was in November 1993 and the last, March 1995.

The next editor, on a temporary basis was Craig Scott, a jovial Californian, who had taken part in the 1981 series. Craig jokingly described himself as “a superannuated hippie.” He was editor for a short time, before the post was taken up by Christine Moorcroft from Liverpool, a contender in both 1988 and 1996.

After Christine, Craig Scott took over the editorship on a full time basis, continuing in the post until he was elected President of the Club in 2004. The vacant post was filled by Ken Emond, a London based Scot, who had been a contender in 1992.

The magazine flourished under Ken's expert editorship, until work committments forced him to hand over to Ann Kelly.

Ann took over in April 2010 and in her expert hands, PASS continued to be the central lifeline which keeps the Club together.

In April 2012 Ann resigned as editor. Tony Dart took over the editorship and PASS continued to flourish under his guidance, including an alternate electronic version.

After almost nine years as editor, Tony handed over the mantle to Ken Emond.

The magazine continues to the life blood of the club.

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