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Hello and welcome to the new Mastermind Club website
The content is very similar to the old site, which was getting rather tired, and a revamp was in order.

I took advantage of the first lockdown to begin, what was to be a website about all things American. That project promptly hit the buffers, but as I had already purchased the domain, a new version of the Mastermind Club website was soon underway.

To save the cost of hosting I transferred the website contents to the host of the previous website, but unfortunately the images and PDF files did not transfer, meaning that some galleries and previous editions of PASS are not yet on the website,
I will be adding these over the next few weeks.

I also lost the 2021 Questions, but will be back with more brain teasers shortly

Please explore and enjoy the website. Any comments, observations or anything at all, please leave a message on the Club Facebook page, or email me at

Enjoy !!

Mel Kinsey
15th June 2021

A new quiz has been added to the website.
You will find it under the Quizzes dropdown box .