Mastermind Club

Quiz 2023

Number 7


Set by Mel Kinsey



1/ In the world of cinema, a Dutch angle is one where a camera is set at an angle and is usually used to film shots to convey a character’s emotional angst.  Because he employed this technique too many times during the shooting of The Third Man (1949), the crew allegedly presented the director Carol Reed what object to encourage him to use more traditional shooting angles?

  • A Spirit Level

2/ What influential 1960 film, known for its ambiguous final dialogue, gets its title from how the protagonist Michel dies while on the run from the police?

Breathless directed by Jean-Luc Godard

3/ Name the 2000s movie from the clues.

1. The title has a country that is not in the continent where the movie plays.
2. It netted a Best Actor Oscar for the lead.
3. Symbolically, the theatrical release poster has the credits set in an X symbol.

The Last King of Scotland (2006)

The X refers to the Saltire found on Scotland’s flag.

4/ In a 1997 short film Doodlebug, a man in a seedy apartment is attempting to squash what looks like a tiny insect. It is subsequently revealed that the ‘insect’ is in fact a miniature version of the man himself who is engaged in the same action. The movie ends with a logically satisfying turn of events.

This was directed by whom, who went on to use a loosely similar Russian nesting doll theme for his 2010 blockbuster Inception?

Christopher Nolan

5/The camera technique of panning and zooming on still photographs often seen in documentaries has come to be known as the effect of what filmmaker?

The feature enables a widely used technique of embedding still photographs in motion pictures, displayed with slow zooming and panning effects, and fading transitions between frames

Ken Burns

6/  What 1956 film was to be called The Reno Brothers when a hit song passing the one million sales mark was noticed by the producers causing a change in the title?

Love Me Tender

7/ Reginald Rose was once part of a jury that debated a manslaughter case for eight hours. This incident inspired him to create what drama that has seen multiple adaptations?

Twelve Angry Men

8/ In the 1983 thriller WarGames, the protagonists prevent nuclear war by directing a computer to play what game against itself?


9/What classic of world cinema tells the story of the Ekdahl family while focusing on two siblings? The film won four Academy awards in 1984.

Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander

10/ The Sapphire Affair of 1962 connected with the Cuban Missile Crisis was the basis of what similarly titled 1969 Hitchcock thriller?


11/ In what film does General George Marshall read the Bixby letter, a real-life missive sent by Abraham Lincoln to a bereaved mother of five sons, before flagging off the titular mission?

Saving Private Ryan

12/ The events of the 1995 drama Before Sunrise in which Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy spend the night walking around a city is set on what day/date during which literature fans do something similar?

Bloomsday (June 16)

13/ During the production of the 2004 movie Troy, Brad Pitt suffered an injury of what body part?

Achilles tendon!

(Pitt played the role of the warrior Achilles in the movie)

14/  Introducing what eventual Best Picture winner at the 76th Academy Awards ceremony in 2004 did host Billy Crystal quip that it received eleven nominations, one for each ending?


Return of the King

It won all 11 awards for which it was nominated

15/ What 3-word term is given to the genre of kitschy Italian films of the mid 20th century that sought to emulate the historic epics of Hollywood like Spartacus?


16/  In 2013, in a gruesome incident in Italy, a mob boss was fed to pigs by a rival while he was still alive. Several newspapers reported this while evoking a scene from what 2001 movie?


17/ The 1994 book Lost Moon is the basis of what subsequent year’s Hollywood hit?

Apollo 13

18/ Which British producer of newsreels and documentaries whose work is synonymous with footage of the World Wars released its entire collection on YouTube in April 2014?

Pathé News

19/ What actor is associated with the ad-line “Shrimp on the barbie” which he used to promote his country’s tourism?

Paul Hogan (Australia)

20/ In which 2008 movie of Clint Eastwood are the Hmong people prominently featured?

Gran Torino

21/ In Caddyshack, Bill Murray as Carl Spackler fantasizes winning the Masters golf tournament while comparing himself to which character in his monologue?


22/ In The Motorcycle Diaries, at what location does Che Guevera muse how a civilization capable of creating such beauty could be destroyed by the creators of the urban decay of a nearby city

Machu Picchu – He refers to the city squalor of Lima.

23/ The 1952 movie Bwana Devil that had on its poster the lines “A lion is in your lap!” and “A lover is in your arms!” is known for sparking what craze?

3-D   It is also the first 3-D feature film entirely in color and the first 3-D sound feature in English.

24/ Writing about a 1980s Oscar snub, what two movies was Roger Ebert referring to when he mentioned the irony of a movie with white people in a land of blacks winning and one with black people in a white land losing?

Out of Africa and 

The Color Purple


25/  What phrase used by Jack London in John Barleycorn to describe alcoholism was later referenced in Dumbo when the elephant hallucinates after drinking water spikedwith champagne?

Seeing pink elephants