Membership of the Mastermind Club is open to persons who have appeared as a contender in any form of the original concept of the show Mastermind.
At the discretion of the committee Honorary membership can be granted. This membership is usually given members of the broadcast production team associated with the programme


The first 100

Thanks to some painstaking work by Tony Dart. The first 100 members of The Mastermind Club have been identified.

Name Name Name Name Name
1/ Charles Key
Club President
21/ Sheila Ramsden
41/ Nevlle W Anderson
61/ Fowling Wells
81/ Hazel Mart (Prowse)
2/ Jean M. Handley
22/ Peter C. Richardson
42/ Dr.David Delvin
62/ George E. Johnston
82/ Alan Rush
3/ Sir David Hunt
Mastermind Champion
23/ Dennis Byers
43/ Michael A. Geary
63/ David Burns
83/ Carolyn Saunders
4/ J M Ferris
24/ Michael W Dyche
44/ John E Lloyd
64/ Oliver S Ferguson
84/ Dr. John B Sykes
5/ Dr Ann-Mary E Hills
25/ Archie Orton
45/ Geoffrey Reynolds
65/ David Hough
85/ Alan Iliffe
6/ Dr Sidney D Ross
26/ Alan D Blackburn
Club President
46/ Trudy Watson
66/ Martha Irvine
86/ V Denis Vandervelde
7/ Richard Snailham
27/ Madeline Jan
47/ Reginald J Drew
67/ Hugh Merrick
87/ Ruth Butler
8/ Nicholas J Sprutenberg
28/ George Linfoot
48/ Margaret Garratt
68/ Allan P Milne
88/ James F Coates
9 / Susan S Walker
29/ John McEvoy
49/ Lance A Haward
Club President
69/ John Palmer-Barnes
89/ Eleanor J MacNair
10/ Rev. Ivor Jeffery-Machin
30/ J David McKee
50/ Martha June Maggs
70/ David W MacKibbin
90/ Andrew C Wood
11/ George Sheldrick
31/ Lord Beaumont of Whitley
51/ Thomas Dawkes
71/ Angela Alves
91/ Patrick C R Hampshire
12/ John B Widdowson
32/ Keith Crosswell
52/ Lisa Duffin
72/ Richard Thompson
92/ James A Bowers-Bruce
13/ Margery Elliott
33/ Dalton Lambert
53/ John McKean
73/ Malcolm Ostermeyer
93/ Sue Jenkins
14/ John Adrian Grant
34/ Robert Walden
54/ Dr K Gerald P MacKenzie
Club President
74/ Phyllis Hartnoll
94/ Pauline M McClelland
15/ Dr Stuart M Laird
35/ Dennis L Bird
55/ Michael W Munn
75/ Oonagh Lahr
95/ David E Morris
16/ Richard Dale
36/ D Martin Dakin
56/ Arnold O'Hara
76/ Janet S Savage (Waters)
96/ Margery B Nicholls
17/ Graham Andrews
37/ Dr David J Flower
57/ Robert (Bob) Capper
77/ Margaret Askew
97/ Clifford J Wadey
18/ Henry Button
38/ Henry Grummitt
58/ Neil Crockford
78/ John T Hart
MM 1975
98/ Robert J Hesketh
19/ Jennifer Johnson
39/ John Warner
59/ Jonathan Dalrymple-Smith
79/ Doreen Simmons
99/ Teddy von Koenigstaedter
20/ Patricia Owen
MM 1973
40/Arthur Green
60/Gena M Davies
80/ Rev Peter Strange
100/ Ian M M Smyth

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Tracking the Mastermind Club’s second hundred members

Last year, after some frustrating research in the Club’s original ledger, backed up by Magnus Magnusson’s book “I’ve Started So I’ll Finish” (ISSIF from now on) I managed to complete a table of members 1 to 100. Foolishly emboldened by this modest success, I went on to try to trace the next 100 members. It soon became clear that this task would not be straightforward, and that I was already running into the period in which the Club’s original administration was hitting the skids.
The table produced from this effort is attached. A few observations come up immediately:
• Members numbered 101 to 165 inclusively can be identified, but from then on there are some gaps in the records
• Bill Wright, Magnus himself, and Mary Craig all appear, at numbers 113-115
• Just 16 names remain in current membership, fewer than survive from the initial 100 members
• No record can be found to show the names of members numbered 166, 168, 176-178, 180, 182, 184, 188, 191/2, 194/5,197 and 199
• Members from 185 onwards all appear to have been honorary, as specialist question-setters
• At least two members, 155 Elaine Scragg and 158 Josephine Layton, do not correspond to anyone listed in ISSIF, as contestants or question setters.

All those shown in the table joined in a period of less than one year, from 1 September 1978 to 25 July 1979. However, the ledger lists entries during this period from a number of others, all of whom paid at least one initial £2 subscription but were not allocated membership numbers, probably because they could not be identified. Many of these names are not legible, and certainly none of them appear in the lists in ISSIF.

Can anyone shed any light on these mysterious figures? As best I can make them out, they are (listed by date of first entry):
• 2 May 1979: G. Anaba, ? Southon
• 3 July 1979: ? Tenby
• 11 July 1979: Mrs B Ardley, ? Gibbs-Smith, K Macksey, Nancy Sayer
• 25 July 1979: ? Morpurgo, J H Palsson

There are numerous others at later dates. No doubt the problem was caused by the difficulty of taking names from undocumented cheques after the Club’s well-known difficulties with its first Treasurer, but it would be really interesting to know how all this occurred, and where these apparently prospective members went.

Club veterans – can you help?

Tony Dart (275)
February 2012

Name Name Name Name Name
101/ Lorna Deane Verso
121/ Christopher Monro
141/ Marianne Simpson
161/ Patrick John Brough
181/ John D Bareham QS
102/ Ken Cooper
122/ Catherine Slater
142/ Armando Margiotta
162/ Dr Nicholas Gold
182/ Unknown
103/ Michael James Gainsford
123/ Rosemary G James
Mastermind Champion
143/ Elizabeth Horrocks
Mastermind Champion
163/ Paul Bolitho
183/ Derek Hurst QS
104/ John C G George
124/ Gordon Neil Wright
144/ W Alec Stephen
164/ Michael E Walker
184/ Unknown
105/ Ian K Sewell
125/ Gerald D W Randall
145/ Ray Ward
165/ David S Humphry
185/ Dr Jack D Jones QS
106/ Joan M Taylor
126/ Douglas G Black
146/ Rev Dr Michael W Dewar
166/ Unknown
186/ David S Duff QS