Mastermind Club

Quiz 2023

Number 8

General Knowledge

Set by Mel Kinsey


1/ Which chemical element is added to steel in order to create stainless steel?


2/ Which two-word phrase was coined by the psychologist Alfred Adler to describe a persistent sense of inadequacy felt when measuring oneself against society’s standards?  

 Inferiority Complex

3/ Which of Dickens’ titular characters owns a pet raven named Grip? 

Barnaby Rudge

4/Played by Patrick McGoohan, Number Six is the main character in which classic British T.V. Series? 

The Prisoner

5/Which children’s game, first sold in 1967, has an onomatopoeic name representing the sound of marbles falling through a tube? 


6/Which Greek playwright of old comedy, wrote Lysistrata and The Frogs and was accused by Plato of slander that contributed to the trial and execution of Socrates? 


7/ One of only two non-Presidents to feature on US paper currency, who is pictured on the $10 bill? He was the first US Secretary of the Treasury

Alexander Hamilton

8/ Which late US soul star, received a song-writing credit on Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines after the song was found to bear too close a similarity to his 1977 track Got to Give it Up?

Marvin Gaye

9/ At 350km in length, Scoresby Sund in Greenland is the longest example of what type of geographical feature?


10/ The US city of Milwaukee sits on which of the Great Lakes?


11/ Which two actors played the lead role in the BBC Crime series ‘Death in Paradise’ between Ben Miller and Ralf Little? 

Kris Marshall & Ardal O’Hanlon

12/ Which Ian McEwan novel won the Booker prize in 1998?


13/ What is the name of the “supergroup” comprising Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Steve Winwood and Ric Grech?

Blind Faith

14/  Ordered by King AEthelred (Ethelred the Unready) in 1002, the massacre of Danes living in England is known by the name of which Saint, upon whose feast day – 13th November – it occurred?

Saint Brice

15/ Formed in 2005 and disbanding in 2015, Robert Kilroy Silk was the founder of which political party?


16/ Between 1884 and 1916, modern day Cameroon was colonised by which European nation? 


17/ Operating from the mid 1940s to the mid 1970s, the Seven Sisters was a cartel formed by producers of what?


18/  The Americans usually call it Cilantro, what is this herb more commonly called in the UK? 


19/ A famous painting by Emmanuel Leutze shows Washington crossing which River that shares a name with a state of the USA?

The Delaware

20/  Who was shot by Mehmet Ali Agca on May 13th 1981? 

Pope John Paul II

21/ The 12th Century chronicle, Historia Anglorum is credited to Henry of which English town in the diocese of Ely?

 Huntingdon .

22 /Tom Bailey, Alannah Currey and Joe Leeway were the members of which successful 80s pop group? Their 5 top ten hits in the UK Singles charts came between 1982 and 1984. 

Thompson Twins

23/ One of only two individuals to have won both an Oscar and a Nobel Prize, which Irish playwright won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 and won the 1939 Academy Award for Best Screenplay?

George Bernard Shaw

24/ What is the profession of the titular character in the Verdi opera Rigoletto?


25/  Who was the shortest US President in stature at 5 foot 4? The fourth President of the USA, he won re-election in 1812 by defeating the 6 foot 3 DeWitt Clinton.

James Madison