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General Question Archive 2

Seasonal allergic rhinitis, frequently caused by pollen, is commonly known by what name?       Hay Fever
Which Italian fashion house uses the head of Medusa as its trademark?       Versace
The price of crude oil from which North Sea field is widely used as a benchmark in Europe and the OPEC countries? Brent
In the television series “The West Wing” who played President Joshua Bartlet?          Martin Sheen
Which relative of the giraffe is found only in the deep forests of central Africa, and was unknown to Europeans until about 1900?      Okapi
In which city does Robert Adam’s Pulteney Bridge cross the River Avon?     Bath
Which film based on a novel about a Vermeer painting features Scarlett Johansson in the title role?  The Girl with the Pearl Earring
In which organ of the body is bile produced?    The Liver
At which golf course does the US Masters tournament take place during the first full week in April?       Augusta
In Greek myth, which Titan was forced to carry the sky on his shoulders as punishment for taking part in a war against the Olympian gods?    Atlas
Which former lawyer now a best selling writer of legal thrillers served in the Mississippi House of Representatives From 1983 until 1990?      John Grisham
In English business law, what name is given to the insolvency process whereby a companies debts are frozen while a rescue package is attempted by a person appointed by the Court to take over the company?      Administration
Who said, on becoming Prime Minister, “I have climbed to the top of the greasy pole”?      Benjamin Disraeli
Which small fruit, that resembles an orange and originated in China, can be eaten whole as the rind is edible?    Kumquat
Which form of musical composition has a name derived from the past particle of the Italian verb meaning “to sound?       Sonata
Which American state is known as the “Green Mountain State”?     Vermont
Which Jazz trumpeter recorded the classic albums Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain?       Miles Davis
According to the Bible, what is the name of the hill in Jerusalem on which the existing Jebusite fortress became David’s royal capital? (Mount) Zion
In Indian cuisine, what is the characteristic feature of the meat in a dish described as “keema”?     Minced                                      What description of the English was used by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations, and has also been attributed to Napoleon?         “A nation of shopkeepers”
In 1903, Frenchman Maurice Garin became the first winner of which annual event?      Tour de France
What word that means “the act of throwing someone out of a window”, is associated with an event that occurred In Prague in 1618?         Defenestration
Who played secret agent Harry Palmer in a trilogy of films in the 1960’s        Michael Caine
In computing, what does the acronym RAM stand for?       Random Access Memory
Which Impressionist, noted for his admiration of the female form, said “I never think I have finished a nude until I think I can pinch it”?          Pierre-August Renoir
In classical mythology, who is the Greek counterpart of the Roman god Mars?        Ares
The American anthem “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” is usually sung to which other well-known patriotic tune?  “God Save the Queen”
What term is widely used in the press for the police tactic of confining demonstrators for a long time?        Kettling
Which cocktail is made with vodka, lime juice, triple sec and cranberry juice?        Cosmopolitan
The mountain K2 gets its name because it was the second peak to be surveyed in which mountain range between the Pamirs and the Himalayas?      Karakoram
Which former leader of a political party had previously served as a Royal Marine Officer from 1959 to 1972?       Paddy Ashdown
In the Divine Comedy, which roman poet conducted Dante through Hell and Purgatory?         Virgil
In which part of the body is the brachial artery found?        (Upper ) Arm
The Clore Gallery, an extension to what is now Tate Britain, was built to hold works by which British artist?        J.W.M.Turner
In heraldry, what name is given to an X-shaped cross usually occupying the entire field in which it is placed?        Saltire
As part of the treaty of Versailles in 1919, the German company Bayer was made to surrender the brand name of which common pain killing drug to the Allies?       Aspirin
Which English football team founded in 1862, claims to be the world’s oldest surviving Football League club?      Notts County
Which South American Republic derives its name from an Italian city after European explorers observed Indian villages on stilts over water?        Venezwala
Which French author wrote The Second Sex , which became a classic of feminist literature when it was published in 1953?          Simone de Beauvoir
Which album by the Rolling Stones, released in 1968 includes the tracks “Sympathy For The Devil” and “Street Fighting Man”? “Beggars Banquet”
Which painting by Valazquez, completed in 1635, shows the symbolic handing over of the keys of a Dutch city to the victorious Spanish army after a siege?  The Surrender of Breda

Anosmia is a loss of which of the senses?       Smell
Which mountain with strong Biblical connections is, at 16,853 feet, the highest point in Turkey?       Mt.Ararat
In Greek mythology, which monster terrorized the Thebans by asking them a riddle and devouring the when they couldn’t answers it?     Sphinx
Which television hospital drama series was created by the novelist Michael Crichton?       E.R.
Which spicy soup originated in India and takes its name from the Tamil for “pepper water”?      Mulligitawny
Which town, now a city, was by-passed by the first stretch of motorway to be opened in Britain in 1958?       Preston
The mouflon, native to Corsica and Sardinia, is a small, wild form of which farm animal?     Sheep
In Sickness and in Health was the sequel to which television comedy series?   Till Death Us Do Part
What adjective meaning “disdainfully superior in manner” comes from the Latin for “eyebrow”     Supercilious
In 1846, which Prime Minister was responsible for the repeal of the Corn Laws?       Sir Robert Peel
In which hit song for The Kinks does Terry meet Julie “every Friday night”?    Waterloo Sunset
Dutch is the official language of which South American republic? Suriname
In which country is Lake Disappointment?    Australia
In 1931, Sir Edward Elgar conducted “Land of Hope and Glory” at the opening ceremony of which recording studio in St. johns Wood, London?        Abbey Road
In Islam, what name is given to the prophet Muhammad’s journey from Mecca to Medina in July 622?     Hegira or Hijrah
Which shipping forecast area off the east coast of Scotland gets its name from the approximate depth in fathoms of Its seabed? Forties
Who joined the Cabinet at the age of just 31, when he was appointed President of the Board of trade in 1947?     Harold Wilson
Who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914, triggering the Great War ?          Gavrilo Princip
Which musical direction, denoting a moderately slow tempo, literally means” going” in Italian       Andante
The battles of Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenaarde and Malplaquet were the principle engagements of which war?                               War of the Spanish succession
Who played Mr.Spock in the original Star Trek TV series?         Leonard Nimoy
Who won a Whitbread award for a first novel with Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit?      Jeanette Winterson
What name is given to the salted belly of pork this is an important ingredient of Italian cooking?     Pancetta
Which series of eight engravings by William Hogarth details the decline of a spendthrift young man?   The Rakes Progress
Which religious philosopher was born in Copenhagen in May 1813, and became a major influence on existentialism And Protestant theology?      Soren Kierkegaard
Which play by Terence Rattigan was based on the true case of George Archer-Shee, who was expelled from Osborne Naval College for petty theft?        The Winslow Boy
Quezon City was the capital city of which country form 1948 until 1976?        Philippines
The footballers Tommy Hutchinson and Des Walker both scored own goals, ten years apart against which team in FA Cup finals? Tottenham Hotspur
Whose work “Ode to Joy” did Beethoven set to music in the last movement of his 9th Symphony?       Freidrich Von Schiller
Mikhail Gorbachev became the effective ruler of the Soviet union in March 1985 after whose death?     Konstantin Chernenko
Which classic novel features the lawyer Atticus Finch and his daughter Scout?     To Kill a Mockingbird
Which Mexican artist, noted for her brilliantly coloured self-portraits, was twice married to her fellow artist DiegoRivera?            Frida Kahlo                                                                                                                                                                                                   Which actor played DCI Gene Hunt in the TV series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes?     Philip Glenister                                         The north-eastern corner of the island of Corfu lies just off the coast of which country?    Albainia

Which northern English city lies at the confluence of the rivers Ouse & Fosse?        York
The Parthenon was the chief temple of which Greek goddess?      Athena
Which woodwind instrument is described in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as “the ill wind that no one blows good”?  Oboe
Which Irish poet’s first full volume of poetry, published in 1966, was called “Death of a Naturalist”?    Seamus Heaney
Which American director and screenwriters films include The Elephant Man and Dune?      David Lynch
The name of which small, nocturnal lizard comes from a Malay imitation of its distinctive cry?     Gecko
In 1877, Spencer Gore became the first winner of which sporting championship?     Wimbledon men’s singles
Which mathematician, who died in the mid-thirteenth century, was also known as Leonardo of Pisa? Leonardo Fibonacci
Which stately home in Wiltshire stands on the site of a ruined priory bought by Sir Thomas Thynne in 1541 for fifty Pounds? Longleat House
In October 1960, who told a largely hostile Labour Party conference “There are some of us who will fight and fight again to save the party we love” ?      Hugh Gaitskill
Which 1976 record by “The Damned” is generally regarded as the UK’s first punk single?   New Rose
Which shipping forecast area lies between the Irish Sea t the north, Fastnet to the west and Plymouth to the south?       Lundy
Whose 1630 treatise “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems” led to him being tried for heresy by the Inquisition in Rome?       Galileo
The popular “Humming Chorus” is from which opera by Puccini?      Madam Butterfly
Which of its former allies declared war on Nazi Germany on 13th October 1943?      Italy
In his work Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw claims every man over forty is a what?    A Scoundrel
Which metal is present in the ores of malachite and azurite?      Copper
Which American boxer was the last holder of the World Heavyweight Championship under the London Prize Ring bare-knuckle rules?     John L. Sullivan
In which American state is the Petrified Forest National Park?      Arizona
Which TV comedy, written by John Sullivan, featured the characters Vince Pinner and Penny Warrender?   Just Good Friends
Which town on the island of Lewis and Harris is the largest town in the Outer Hebrides?     Stornoway
Which of Lord Byron’s mistresses wrote in her diary after their first meeting that he was “mad, bad, and dangerous to know”?     Lady Caroline Lamb
Which self-governing island is known as Kalaallit Nunaat in the language of its indigenous people?      Greenland
The annual music writing awards presented by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors are named after which songwriter and actor?     Ivor NovelloT
The motto of Sir Thomas Bond, after whom Bond Street is named, was used as the title for which James Bond film?                        The World Is Not Enough

Which is the principal acid in gastric juice, the human digestive system?       Hydrochloric
Which fifth-century BC writer, whose nine-volume history includes an account of the wars between the Greeks and the Persians, is known as the “father of history”?      Herodotus
Who resigned as President of Argentina in the wake of his country’s defeat in the Falklands War? General       Leopoldo Galtieri
Which sixteenth-century Venetian artist, was responsible for the vast series of paintings for the Scuola di San Rocco Between 1565 and 1587?     Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto
Leek and which other vegetable is used to make the soup Vichyssoise?     Potato
Which novel begins with the lines ”1801 – I have just returned from a visit to my landlord-the solitary neighbor That I shall be troubled with”?      Wuthering Heights
The Stirling Prize, named after Sir James Stirling, was first awarded in 1996 in which field of the arts?     Architecture
What is the second largest of the English Lakes? It is drained at its northern end by the River Eamont.    Ullswater
Lilongwe is the capital of which African country?      Malawi
Which of Rossini’s operas is known in Italian as “La Gazza Ladra”?    The Thieving Magpie
Which historical drama series, shown on BBC2 in 1976, featured a supporting cast including John Hurt, Brian Blessed George Baker and Sian Phillips?       I Claudius
Born in Selby in Yorkshire, who was the first English-born King of England after the Norman Conquest?     Henry I
When the Soviet union broke up in 1991, which Central Asian republic became the worlds largest landlocked Country?     Kazakhstan
Which ornamental, highly poisonous, evergreen shrub, that has thick lance-shaped leaves and striking red or white Flowers, is also known as rose-bay or rose-laurel?      Oleander
Which writer and member of the Bloomsbury Group was the sister of Vanessa Bell?      Virginia Woolf
Who won the first of her four Best Actress Oscars for the 1933 film Morning Glory and the last for the 1981’s On Golden Pond? Katherine Hepburn
In the mid-nineteenth century, who invented jeans as durable work clothes, reinforced with small copper rivets?     Levi Strauss
Which band formed in Leeds, took their name from a South African football team?     Kaiser Chiefs
French reinforcements were transported to the front in a fleet of Paris taxis during which battle of September 1914 that halted the German advance on the city?     (First Battle of the) Marne
Who composed the “Concierto de Aranjuez”       Joaquin Rodrigo
Which range of hills, situated mainly in Northumberland, form the border between England and Scotland for Around thirty-five miles?   The Cheviot Hills

In 1969, who became the first person to sail solo, non-stop around the world in his yacht Suhaili?       Robin Knox Johnson
In Leviticus Chapter 16, what is the cover on the Ark of the Covenant called, where God will appear in a cloud?      Mercy seat
What name is given to a painting or carving on three panels hinged together to form a single work of art?      Triptych
An ushanka or shapka is a Russian type of what item of clothing?      Hat
Which lawyer led the Pilgrimage of Grace, which began in Yorkshire in 1536?       Robert Aske
Which sculptor, born in Wakefield, has a gallery dedicated to her work in the city, which opened in2011?       Barbara Hepworth
In Dr. No, M instructs Bond to change his gun from which weapon, described as a “Ladies gun”, to the Walther PPK?   Berretta .25
What two-word Hindi name, translating roughly as “hot mixture”, is given to a combination of roasted spices, sometimes blended with water or viniger, that are often used in Indian cooking?    Garam Masala
Which channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans lies between the tip of mainland South America and the island of Tierra del Fuego?     Magellan Strait
Which author’s work A Rose for Winter, published in 1955, tells of his return to Spain with his wife, fifteen years after the Civil War in which he fought on the Republican side?      Laurie Lee
In February 2011, a blue plaque was unveiled on Bournemouth seafront, celebrating Britain’s oldest example of what type of building?     A Beach hut
Which artist’s works include Mont Sainte-Victoire and The Card Players?    Paul Cezanne
What name for the toxic substance used by South American Indians to tip arrows for hunting, comes from the Indian word for “poison”     Curare
Which Greek islands became a British protectorate after the fall of Napoleon, but were ceded back to Greece in 1864?     Ionian Islands
In about 1190, Henry Fitzailwyn became the holder of which civic office?     Lord Mayor of London
Who created the radio programme Desert Island Discs in 1942, and was its host until he died in 1985?    Roy Plomley
In which European country did women only win the right to vote in national elections in 1971, and in all local elections in 1990?     Switzerland
The liqueur Cassis, a specialty of Dijon, is made from which fruit?     Blackcurrant
What name is given to the process whereby heat is transferred by the mass movement of a fluid such as air or water? Convection
Which team won the 2013 Baseball World Series, beating the St Louis Cardinals by 4 games to 2?      Boston Red Sox
What name is given to the ninety-mile-long system of gorges and rapids on the River Danube that forms part of the border between Rumania and Serbia?      Iron Gate
Which English city holds an annual goose Fair dating back to 1284?      Nottingham
Whose heliocentric model of the solar system was finally published in 1543 in six books Concerning the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs?      Nicolaus Copernicus
In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, what is the name of Olivia’s steward, who is fooled into thinking that his mistress is in love with him?    Malvolio
Which agricultural device was developed and used by the inventor Jethro Tull in around 1701?     The Seed Drill
In the English peerage, what title ranks immediately below that of Duke?     Marquess
Ned Maddrell, who died in 1974, is generally known to be the last person to speak which form of Gaelic as his first language?  Manx
Which Italian painter and architect is best known for his work”Lives of the Artists”, the fundamental source of information on Italian Renaissance Art?    Giorgio Vasari
The Bridal Chorus, more familiarly known as Here Comes The Bride, is from which Wagner opera?      Lohengrin
Hussain ibn Talal was the king of which Middle Eastern country from 1953 to 1999?   Jordan
Which French chef created the Peach Melba in honour of the Australian soprano Dame Nelly Melba, while he was working at the Savoy Hotel in London?      Auguste Escoffier
The Maenads were the followers of which Greek god?      Dionysus
In the Channel 4 comedy series, which Bolton night-club was run by Brian Potter, played by Peter Kay? The Phoenix
Which 1986 song begins with these lines “A man walks down the street He says why am I soft in the middle now Why am I soft in the middle The rest of my life is so hard I need a photo-opportunity”?   Call me Al (by Paul Simon)
 Napoleon’s favourite horse was named after which battle in northern Italy where he defeated the Austrians in 1800?     Marengo
Lucy Honeychurch is the heroine of which novel?      A room with a view
There are three National Parks in Wales, Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons are two, which is the third?                        Pembrokeshire Coast
Which fruit juice cordial is mixed with an equal quantity of gin to make a gimlet cocktail?     Lime
The name of which friend of Odysseus is used for someone who is a wise and faithful adviser?       Mentor
The Anglo-French agreement of April 1904, aimed at ultimately at curbing growing German power, is known by what name? “Entente Cordiale”
In 1993, which fellow American did Pete Sampras beat in the Wimbledon singles final to record the first of his seven titles?             Jim Courier
An oxide of which heavy metal is used to make crystal glass?       Lead
Which legendry soul singer appeared as the Rev. Cleophus James in the film The Blue Brothers?          James Brown
In the third part of Gulliver’s Travels, what is the name of the flying island run by mad scientists?       Laputa
Which nineteenth-century composer was a professor of Chemistry at St Petersburg Academy of Medicine?                               Alexander Borodin
In a suit of armour, what part of the body is protected by the greave?       The leg (below the knee)
Ranunculus repens is the creeping form of which common wild flower, dreaded by gardeners and farmers because it spreads so quickly?        Buttercup
The city of Sunderland lies at the mouth of which river?        The Wear
Who played Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland?      Forrest Whittaker
Which element, a vital component of the common match, was originally discovered in, and distilled from urine?          Phosphorus
In which sport is the rank of ‘yokozuna’ the highest attainable title?        Sumo Wrestling
Which famous street in New York is named after an embankment built by Dutch settlers in about 1653 to repel attacking forces?   Wall Street
Which fashion designer launched the pret-a-porter Rive Gauche range in 1966?    Yves St. Laurent
Common and Darwin’s are the two species of which Ostrich-like birds native to South America?     Rhea
Which classic Ealing comedy features Katie Johnson as the elderly landlady, Mrs.Wilberforce?     The Ladykillers
The ruins of which Cistercian abby, founded in 1131, lie on the banks of the river Wye between Chepstow and Monmouth?   Tintern
Who wrote his only novel Rasselas during the evening of a single week in 1759, to pay for his mothers funeral expenses?                Dr. Samuel Johnson
Derived from the Greek for ‘Pan Pipes’, what is the name for the vocal organ of a bird?     Syrinx
Who founded both the London Philharmonic and Royal Philharmonic Orchestras?    Sir Thomas Beecham
Which architect’s work includes the rebuilding of Brighton Pavilion in oriental style?    John Nash
In which battle of 480BC did Leonidas King of Sparta, and a small force unsuccessfully defend a pass against a much larger Persian army?       Thermopylae
The 1966 film Walk Don’t Run was the last screen appearance of which British-born film actor?     Cary Grant
Who wrote the plays Dirty Linen and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?    Sir Tom Stoppard
What seventeenth-century invention is called a tire-bouchon in France, a kurketekker in the Netherlands and a cavatappi in Italy?   A Corkscrew
Who is the only man to have been both President of the United States and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?                             William Howard Taft
 Norse mythology the bridge Bifrost connected Earth with A  Asgard, the home of the Gods. What form did the  bridge take?  A Rainbow