Mastermind Club

Quiz 2023-9

Anglo Saxon history

Set by John Grasham


1/Legend has it that Alfred the Great burnt the cakes before which 878 battle?


2/Nicknamed the peaceable, which king ruled England from 959 to 975?


3/Reigning from 1013 to 1014, which Danish king of England is the only one to die in Lincolnshire? He died in the town of Gainsborough.

Svein Forkbeard

4/What was the name of the younger brother of Harold II who fought against him and was killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066?


5/What was the name of the tax levied by Viking invaders against the English to prevent them from raping and pillaging the towns under their control?


6/In 664 a synod took place at which abbey in the north of England, which determined the date on which Easter would fall?


7/What was the name of the mythical founder of the kingdom of Sussex who landed in the area with his 3 sons on 3 ships in 477AD?


8/What is the name of the town in Oxfordshire that Alfred the Great was born in 848AD?


9/Judith, the second wife of King Æthelbert of Wessex was the daughter of which king of Francia?

Charles the Bald

10/Queen Cynrthryth, the wife of King Offa of Mercia was the first British woman known to have appeared on what item?

Coins/ Coinage/ Currency

11/ Who succeeded St Augustine in 604/605 to become the second Archbishop of Canterbury?


12/What byname (nickname) was attributed to Sigeric, who was Archbishop of Canterbury between 990 and 994?

The Serious

13/What was the name of the oppressive tax instigated by Æthelred the Unready to fund his military campaigns? It roughly translates as army money.


14/Which Yorkshire battle of 1066 was a victory for the Norwegian king Harold Hardrade and Harold Godwinson’s brother Tostig?


15/What was the name of the younger son of King Edmund Ironside who was persuaded to return to England by Edward the Confessor in 1057? He promptly dropped dead on arrived in the country?

Edward the Exile

16/What was the Danish term for the equivalent of hundreds in the South of England? The name was used in the five boroughs and Northumbria.


17/Who wrote the book “The Life of St Wilfrid” about the 7th and 8th century Northumbrian ruler?

Stephen of Ripon

18/Who was the only son of King Æthelbert of Wessex that predeceased him and didn’t become king in his own right?


19/What was the name of the wife of King Eadwig who marriage to the king was annulled in 958 by Bishop Oda on the grounds of consanguinity?


20/Which layman that dominated the counsels of King Æthelred the Unready from 1005 had the Latin byname (nickname) Sreona?

Eadric the Grabber

21/Swein Forkbeard, who was king of England from 1013 until his death 6 weeks later in 1014, was the son of which Danish king?

Harold Bluetooth

22/In 947 King Eadred met the Archbishop of York, Wulfstan at which town which was then on the border between Mercia and Northumbria? The town has since changed it’s name but the railway station still holds this name.


23/An apocryphal story states that King Edmund faced near certain death after he nearly followed a stag into which ravine whilst on a hunting party?

Chedder Gorge

24/Harold Godwinson’s brother Wulfnoth and nephew Hakon where held hostage by which foreign ruler?

William of Normandy

25/The kingdom of Northumbria was made up of two smaller kingdoms called Deira and which other?


26/St.Aiden the Bishop of Northumberland  founded which monastery in the north of England?


27/Offa’s Dyke forms a border between Mercia and Wales. Which dyke forms a boundary between Mercia and Wessex?


28/What was the name of the Ealdorman who was the commander of the English forces at the battle of Maldon in 991?


29/Where did 66-year-old Theodore, who became Archbishop of Canterbury in 669, come from?


30/In Anglo-Saxon England what name was given to a senior official under the crown that had responsibilities such as the chief magistrate of a town or district?


31/What name is given to 10 hides of land in Anglo-Saxon England? It is defined as the area which is farmable by ten households


32/What is the name of the early 7th century Mercian king who established Mercia as one of the most successful kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England


33/What ornithological feature was used in the byname (nickname) of the wife of Harold Godwinson?

Swan Neck

34/What seven letter word is another name for an Anglo-Saxon burial mound or barrow?


35/What was the name of the last king of East Anglia who was martyred fighting Vikings in 869AD?


36/Which late 7th century document lists six of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms known as the heptarchy and the calculation of the amount of tribute they are liable to pay?

Tribal Hidage