Mastermind Club

Quiz 2022

Number 9

World Championship Snooker

Set by John Grasham



1/ In 2020 who became the youngest referee to officiate in the World Championship final?

Marcel Eckhardt

2/ In 2020, Alexander Ursenbacher became the first player from which mainland European country to play at the Crucible?


3/ Who is the last player from outside the top sixteen to win the world title?

Ronnie O’Sullivan

4/ Who is the only African player to play in the World Championship final?

Perrie Mans

5/ Which player has the longest gap between appearances in the semi-finals, losing to Stephen Hendry in 1993 and Ding Junhui in 2016?

Alan McManus

6/ Which player reached the semi-finals in 1995 and reached a career high ranking of seventeen the same year?

Andy Hicks

7/ Who beat defending champion Steve Davis 10-1 in the first round in 1982?

Tony Knowles

8/ In 2019 James Cahill became the only amateur to win a match at the crucible, who did he beat in the first round?

Ronnie O’Sullivan

9/ Which left-handed player has played in more finals than any other left-handed player?

Jimmy White

10/ Three finals have finished 18-17, in 1985, 1994 and 2002. Who was the referee on all three occasions?

John Williams

11/ What did Mark Allen and Graeme Dott both do at the World Championship in 2010 that had never previously been achieved before in the tournament?

Break of 146

12/ Who won the last third place play off at the event beating John Virgo 7-3 in 1979?

Eddie Charlton

13/ Eddie Charlton suffered the first whitewash at the crucible losing 10-0 in 1992. Who was the defending champion that beat him?

John Parrott

14/ In the 1985 final how many frames had Steve Davis won before Dennis Taylor won his first?


15/ Who is the only Yorkshireman to win the title at the Crucible?

Joe Johnson

16/ In which year was the latest ever finish in a final, at six minutes to one on the Tuesday morning? John Higgins beat Mark Selby 18-13.


17/ In making the fastest ever 147 in professional play in 1997, who was Ronnie O’Sullivan playing in the first round?

Mick Price

18/ Who beat defending champion Stephen Hendry 10-7 in the first round in 2000, 15 years before he won the title?

Stuart Bingham

19/ Stephen Hendry made his last appearance as a professional player at the World Championship in 2012. Which other world champion did he beat 13-4 in the second round before going out to Stephen Maguire in the quarter finals?

John Higgins

20/ In the highest scoring frame in Crucible history, who beat Anthony McGill 103-83 in the deciding frame of their 2020 semi-final?

Kyren Wilson

21/ What was the name of the South African player that was banned from snooker for 5 years after suspicious betting patterns caused betting to be suspended before his first-round match with Jimmy White in 1995?

Peter Francisco

22/ Who did Mark Williams beat 10-9 in the first round in 1997? It was Williams’ debut in the event and this fellow Welsh player’s last appearance.

Terry Griffiths

23/ Between 2018 and 2021 there has been a player with what surname that has made the semi-finals in each of the four years?


24/  In 2022, who became the first Iranian player to play a match at the Crucible Theatre?

Hossein Vafaei


25/ In 2018, Mark Williams was so convinced he would not win a third a world title, he said he would attend a post-match press conference how? On winning the title, he carried out this promise.

Naked/ No clothes