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Quiz 2022

Number 2

General Knowledge

Set by Mel Kinsey

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1/  Couvade Syndrome is also known as what? 

Sympathetic Pregnancy

2/ Which political campaigner and cleric served as General Secretary, and later Chairman, of CND between 1930 and 1990?

Bruce Kent 

3/ Which female singer had hits with “Days” “A new England "and" ‘l'here's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis?

Kirsty McColl 

4/ How many flavours are there of the subatomic particles called Quarks?


5/ In 1655 which mathematical symbol was introduced b John Wallis?


6/ Which female singer had hits with “Running up that hill” ,“Cloud busting” ,“This woman’s work" and "Army Dreamer's”?

Kate Bush

       7/ What is the stage name of the actor and comedian Michael Pennington. He has played sit-com characters Wet           Eric and the Oracle? 

Johnny Vegas

8 Which French politician was President of the European Commission from 1985 t0 1995. He oversaw the introduction of the Single Market between member states? 

Jacques Delors

9/Antares is the brightest star in which constellation? 


10/ What is the name of the hillside in the Santa Monica mountains on which the famous Hollywood sign stands? 

Mount Lee’

11/ The Duveen Galllery, in the British Museum, was specially built to house what?  

The Elgin Marbles

12/ Which motor racing driver posthumously won the 1970 F1 World Driver’s Championship?

 Jochen Rindt

13/ Which is the smallest city in Scotland by population? 


14/Which mythological sea monster had its lair at the Lake of Lerna? 

The Hydra

15/What was the  name of the house band that backed Dr Teeth on the Muppet Show? 

Electric Mayhem

16/ Which city, on the Adriatic Sea, used to be known as Ragusa? 


17/ Played by William B Davis “Cigarette Smoking Man” was the main villain in which TV series?

The X Files

18/Which breed of horse is traditionally associated with the Spanish Riding School in Vienna? 


19/ What is the name of the former  Labour Shadow Culture Secretary who caused uproar in the House of Commons and in the media over her off the shoulder dress? 

Tracey Brabin

20/ In the TV series “The Good Life” Tom and Barbara Good’s next door neighbours are called Margo and Gerry but what was their surname? 


21/ The right hand page of a book in printing is known as recto, what is the left hand page called? 


22/ In 1900 the American army physician Walter Reed proved a theory proposed by Carlos Finlay that mosquito’s transmitted which disease? 

Yellow Fever

23/ Which U.S. city is about 16 miles upstream from Niagara Falls?

Buffalo, NY

24/ By population which is the largest city on the Mediterranean coast?


25/ Which was the first U.S. city to host the Olympic Games?

St.Louis in 1904