Mastermind Club

Quiz 2022

Number 19


Set by Mel kinsey



1/  Which US President was assassinated at Washington station in 1881?

James A. Garfield.

2/  Who in 1924 became the first Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer?

Phillip Snowden

3/ The newspaper, “The News of the World” published its last edition on 7th July 2011 following the phone-hacking scandal, when was it first published?

1st October 1843

4/  During whose US Presidential term did California and New Mexico become part of the USA as a result of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty?

James K Polk

5/  In which war was the Battle of the Falkland Islands fought?

World War 1

 (8th December 1914)

6/  What FOUR letters appeared on the Standard of the Roman legions?

SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus The Senate & People of Rome)

7/  In which year did the inaugural Ryder Cup event take place?


8/  What was the Roman name for the Essex city of Colchester?


9/  Who was the only unmarried President of the USA?

James Buchanan

10/  For how many years did prohibition last in the USA?

Thirteen years (1920-1933).

11/ In which year was Catherine Howard executed?


12/  What was discovered by Alec Jeffries in Leicester in 1984?

DNA fingerprinting.

13/  What was the first number one in UK album charts when they were first published in 1956?

“Songs for Swinging Lovers” by Frank Sinatra.

14/ In 2020 Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to the US Presidency, but which third candidate appeared on all the ballot papers?

Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party)

15/  Which country in 1988 became the first to issue polymer banknotes?


16/  From which English town did Glen Miller’s plane take off from on his last flight in December 1944?

[RAF Twinwood] Bedford.

17/  Which British King married a bride that he had only met that day?

King George III.

18/  Which King was the father of the Duke of Monmouth, the leader of The Monmouth Rebellion of 1685?

Charles II

19/  Which King died a prisoner at Pontefract Castle?

Richard II.

20/  Who became known as the “Brides in the Bath” murderer?

George Joseph Smith

21/ Which was the first of the Central Powers to sign the First World War Armistice?


22/  Whose victory at the 1759 Battle of Quebec effectively ended French control of Canada?

General James Wolfe.

23/ What was the title of the spin-off from “Are You Being Served?” which was aired for two seasons in the 1990s?

“Grace & Favour”

24/  What nationality was explorer Henry the Navigator?


25/  The first Miss World competition was held in London in 1951, from which country did the winner hail?

Sweden (Kimi Hakansson).