Mastermind Club

Quiz 2021

Number 12


Set by Isabelle Heward

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1 Which English composer acted as an unpaid amanuensis to Delius from 1928?  

    Eric Fenby 

 2  Which BBC radio programme, first broadcast in 1955, has the theme tune ‘At the Sign of the Swinging Cymbal’?  

Top of the Pops

3  The Hoboken catalogue covers the body of work of which composer?  

Joseph Haydn

4  Which 1980s group had members which included Peter Skellern, Julian Lloyd Webber and Mary Hopkin?  


5  Which conductor, the BBC’s director of music, established the BBC Symphony Orchestra? 

Adrian Boult

6  Which singer-songwriter has, in 2021, released re-recorded versions of their own albums ‘Fearless’ and ‘Red’?  

Taylor Swift

7  Who composed the 19th century piece ‘The Skaters’ Waltz’?  

Emil Waldteufel

8  A nominee for Academy Award for Best Original Song, ‘Georgy Girl’ has lyrics written by which British actor?  

Jim Dale

9  Which piece of music by Prokofiev has been used as the theme for the British series ‘           The Apprentice’?  

Dance of the Knights 

10 By what name is the Belgian musician Roger Francois Jouret better known?  The 1977 song with which he is most closely associated actually had no input from him  

Plastic Bertrand

11 After Borodin’s death, which of his operas did Rimsky-Korsakov and Glazunov complete ?  

Prince Igor 

12 Which BBC television programme had the opening theme ‘I Wish I Knew’ by Billy Taylor?

The Film Programme 

13 What is the missing one-act opera  Il tabarro,       ???,         Gianni Schicchi?  


14 The operetta ‘The Chocolate Soldier’ was based upon what play?  

Arms and the Man

15 Which Australian ballet dancer played the Child Catcher in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’?  

Robert Helpmann

16 Which Sheffield band has released albums entitled ‘Hysteria’, ‘Crash’ and ‘Octopus’?

 Human League

17 Which American composer wrote ‘Different Trains’ in 1988? 

 Steve Reich 

18 What is the professional name of the singer born Alecia Beth Moore?  


19 Which brass instrument was played by Bix Beiderbecke? 


20 Which song, an Academy Award winner for Best Original Song for the film ‘Selma’, was recorded by Common and John Legend?


21 The Americans call it a quarter note, how is it usually known in Britain?  


22 When Shostakovich composed a full orchestral score for the 1931 Soviet film ‘Alone’, which instrument, patented in 1928, was used in the score?  



23 Which collaboration between Gilbert and Sullivan was also known as ‘The Gods Grown Old’? 


24 Better known as one half of a television detective pairing, he co-wrote a number of songs with Tommy Steele and Lionel Bart including ‘Little White Bull’ and ‘A Handful of Songs’.  Who was he?  

Mike Pratt

25 In which city is Teatro di San Carlo the world’s oldest continuously active venue for opera?  Naples