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Quiz 2021

Number 4

Ancient Cities

Set by Mel Kinsey

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1/ For nearly a thousand years, it was the largest and most important native city in the Andean world, and was located between Lake Titicaca and Mount Illimani.

 Tiwanaku/ Tiahuanaco

2/ This city was known as "Waset" to ancient Egyptians and its site included the great temples of Karnak and Luxor. Not to be confused with the Greek city of the same name where Oedipus ruled.


3/ Just like Carthage, Thugga or Dougga are in which modern-day country. Its ruins are better preserved than those of Carthage due to its location in the countryside.


4/ Palmyra, an important Silk Road location, was ruled by which queen during the 3rd century? She achieved renown for defying the Roman Empire and who is a symbol of patriotism in Syria to this day.


5/ A classic city of the Maya lowlands, it is home to the finest architecture of that civilization and was ruled by Pacal the Great in the 7th century AD for a record period of 68 years.


6./:In legend, the Phoenician city-state of Carthage was founded by this sister of Pygmalion who was fleeing Tyre.

  Queen Dido    (or Alyssa)

     7/ This city between the Dead Sea and Mt. Nebo had irrigation from the Jordan River and is among the oldest              continually occupied places in the world with settlements dating to 9,000 BC. Was called the “city of palm trees” in the Bible.


8/ Uruk was an important ancient Sumer city and this legendary king who was friends with Enkidu ruled there in the vicinity of 27th century BC


9/ A 2007 study concluded that this magnificent city, also known as Yasodharapura, was the largest pre-industrial city in the world. A landmark construction that takes the name of the city itself is featured prominently on its country’s flag.

Angkor  (Cambodia)

10/ The Temple of Kukulcán dominates the layout of this Mayan city in the Yucatan and is a day trip for hordes of tourists from cruise ships.

Chichen Itza

11/ Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were important ancient cities in this island country.

 Sri Lanka

12/Along with Byblos, these two cities are in the title of a 2016 book by that is subtitled “The History of the Three Most Important Ancient Phoenician Cities in the Levant”.

 Sidon & Tyre

13/ Founded in 500 BC by Darius I, it served as the principal residence of the kings of Achaemenid dynasty. Was destroyed in 331 BC by Alexander the Great purportedly at the prompting of the hetaira (prostitute) Thais. Gave its title to an award-winning graphic novel of Marjane Satrapi that was also made into an acclaimed movie.


14/ Called “Pompeii of the East”, the Jordanian city that was prominent during both Greek and Roman times now hosts a namesake cultural festival that was started by Queen Noor in 1981.

 Jerash/ Gerasa

15/ Located in present-day Illinois, it was likely North America’s biggest pre-Colombian city. Having become a major population hub around in the 11th century, it was abandoned by mid-14th century for reasons still unknown.


16/ The existence of this legendary city is still in doubt – many say it is the site of Hisarlik in Turkey where the 19th-century German archaeologist Henrich Schliemann performed his excavations.


17/ Nimrud was an ancient Assyrian city near present-day Mosul, Iraq and its excavations were studied by archaeologist Max Mallowan who was married to this more famous person.

Agatha Christie

18/ This once-magnificent city now in Turkmenistan was a major hub on the Silk Road and offered weary travelers a welcome break from the bleakness of Karakum desert. It was home to several dynasties during the course of time and faced a devastating Mongol onslaught during the 13th century from which it never recovered.


19/ The cliff-carved Petra in Jordan as shown in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is known by every quiz kid. Can you name the civilization/culture responsible for its construction?


20/  The UNESCO recognized Mosque City of Bagerhat home to 50 Islamic monuments and the Sixty Pillar Mosque is in this Asian country.


21/ This South Indian city was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire that existed from the 14th to the 17th centuries and which is regarded as the last Hindu kingdom of India.


22/ When you hear the words “city in Morocco” and “Roman Empire”, only this name should come to mind. It also served as the capital during the 8th century under Idris I who is regarded as the founder of Morocco.


23/  Thousands of Buddhist temples and pagodas can still be seen in the plains of Bagan in this Asian country.

  Burma/ Myanmar

24/ In the 1920s this US industrialist attempted to establish his namesake jungle city based on his company values to produce cheap rubber.

Henry Ford (Fordlandia)

25/ Likely the most extraordinary urban phenomenon in Pre-Columbian America, this metropolis in Central Mexico was/is home to the Avenue of the Dead, the Pyramid of the Sun, and the Pyramid of the Moon. The ethnicity of its inhabitants is still he subject of debate.