Mastermind Club

Quiz 2021

Number 2

Mind your P's and Q's

Set by Maya Davis

Mind your P’s and Q’s With all sorts of extra conventions in place nowadays, we all have to be aware of the new rules of polite conduct. All answers or questions are linked to words beginning with either P or Q.

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1/   In which novel does a character called Queequeg appear?

Moby Dick

2/ What was the name and nickname of Charlemagne’s father?

Pepin the Short

3/ Nikolay Mikhaylovich Przhevalsky, a Russian explorer who travelled extensively in Mongolia in the 19th century, had what creature named after the Polish spelling of his name? Some captive specimens of this creature were bred in Woburn Safari Park to save the species from extinction.

A Wild Horse

4/In which series of novels, derived from a comic strip, do we meet the teacher Mr Quelch?

Billy Bunter

5/ According to Ovid, in which city did Pyramus and Thisbe live?


6./ Which birds have species which include Gentoo, Jackass and Macaroni?


 7/ Who spoke the ancient language Quechua?  

The Incas

8/ What is the name of the bird-catcher in Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute?


9/ What was the nationality of the Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling? 


10/ Which presenter of music programmes on BBC radio shares a name with that of a saint celebrated in the UK on 4th June?

Petroc Trelawney

11/ What name is given to the traditional style of Icelandic vocal music in which the two singers remain a fifth apart? 


12/  The subtitle of which Shakespeare play could be translated into Latin by the word quodlibet used in roughly the same sense as that term when applied to a piece of music

Twelfth Night or ‘What you Will’ and quodlibet means ‘whatever you like.’

13/ Which cartoon character, created by Elzie Crisler Segar, first appeared in 1929?

Popeye the Sailor

14/ Which British author and literary critic was generally known as ‘Q’?

Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch

15/  Which Roman leader was deified under the name Quirinus?

Romulus, first king of Rome

16/ In Tudor times, the name ‘quartan fever’ was given to which disease, whose symptoms recurred every fourth day?


17/ Which bird has the scientific name Puffinus puffinus? 

Manx Shearwater

18/  Which part of the human body is affected by periodontal disease? 

The Gum

19/  Which nocturnal marsupial is the only mammal native to Rottnest Island?

Quokka –  a type of wallaby

20/ What is the modern name of the Italian city wrongly alleged by some ancient authors to have been founded under the name Parthenope?  


21/  In what work would you find the characters Ping, Pang and Pong?

In Puccini’s opera Turandot

22/  The Roman coin known as the quadrans was one-quarter of the value of which other Roman coin? 

The as

23/ With what specific weapon would you use a quarrel?

Crossbow -it’s a square-headed arrow

24/  Which chocolate assortment shares its name with the title of a play first produced in London in 1902 after it flopped on Broadway in 1901?

Quality Street; the play was by J. M. Barrie

25/  In Greek mythology, where did Apollo defeat the serpent Python?